22 March 2008


I am settled on a job and they have offered me a contract after an interview, and so I will be submitting the paperwork this week. My flight will be midway through next month, although the actual date will probably depend on the cost of flights as the school books it for me (they pay for the ticket over). My apartment will be in the Pusan National University area, which is in the south of the country, and I will be working about twenty minutes away, in Mandeock.

I have packed up about half of my books (which constitute a majority of my belongings). I have an enormous amount I will also be giving away - pictures tomorrow, it's pretty goddamn absurd. I am limiting myself to bringing only a dozen to Korea, since I won't have much room in my suitcases for anything extraneous; I have to bring numerous extra pairs of pants and shoes, since I am eight inches taller than the average Korean male, and my feet are about five full sizes larger than the average Korean male's foot.

I was surprised to realize how little I actually own. I will be taking clothes and my laptop and a few books, while an estimated nine boxes of books will go in storage along with two boxes of miscellanea. Other than that, the rest is little and easily disposed of: my old computer, chest of drawers, and two of my bookshelves are going to Ruri. That leaves... well, pretty much nothing. Maybe I am too spartan.

Or maybe I just read too much.

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