17 July 2008


You might need to turn on Unicode viewing on your browser or install a language pack to see Korean script.

I have never been good with languages or with accents. They've always just been difficult for me to manage, and I have done poorly with the languages I have studied.

Well, it turns out that I just needed to be put in the right situation, since I learned all of Hangul yesterday. In the space of the morning, I went from knowing two of the letters to being able to read everything. My attempts prior to departure with flash cards were miserable failures, but I guess sometimes you learn things differently. I chose three sentences and wrote them down repeatedly yesterday morning, speaking each sound as I did so, then moved on to a few children's books, and by the afternoon I was reading street signs and my Korean teacher's textbook.

Obviously, I don't understand what all but a few things actually mean, and my spelling is pretty lousy so far (안녕핫세여?), but I guess it's true what the creator of the language, King Sejong, once said: you can learn Hangul in a single morning.

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