14 July 2008


The flight was long. Absurdly long. I arrived at the airport about dawn, and boarded just as the sun was starting to rise. Then we started to fly. When we hit Detroit, it was something like noon, but the plane to Tokyo turned fully west.

For almost a solid day, I chased the sun.

Arriving at Seoul, the sky was darkening and night finally arrived. After hour after endless hour of daylight, shut out by airplane blinds, it's very welcome. So will be the sleep, here in a Seoul youth motel. This sort of place has no analogous service in America; back home, it would exist somewhere between Motel Six and the Hyatt, with a mixture of poor hygiene and friendly amenities not to be found.

All is well.


  1. AT least you have internet ^.~

  2. I was in the internet cafe downstairs at the hostel. Now I again have internet, because I can use it at work, but it is an incredible hassle since I am automatically sent to Korean-language versions of everything on Korean Windows. It is only by virtue of my previous knowledge that I can still use it, since the keyboard shortcuts are all the same. Que sera sera.