13 July 2008

Hundredleague Boots

Well, I'm sitting in the Tampa airport, waiting for my flight now. First to Detroit, and then to Tokyo, and finally to Seoul. I am pretty exhausted, what with every little last-minute thing that comes up when you are leaving the country for an extended period of time. Ruri and I got about five hours of sleep, then she helped me drag my five bags to the airport. It cost a fortune to check a third bag; rather than money, they actually just set a bucket next to me and opened my vein for two minutes and twenty-seven seconds. They had a table set up nearby with a big knife, in case any of them were overweight, but thankfully I got to keep everything.

There's a kid of about thirteen sitting a few rows away from me in the terminal. He's leaning forward, chin on his hand, and he has been staring intently at the chest of a woman sitting across from him for about ten minutes. It's pretty amazing, I don't think he's even blinked the entire time.

I am pretty scared. I am pretty excited. Description really fails me as to both points... every step I take feels like a hundredleague stride, carrying me far away from everything I know with amazing finality. But I also feel as though my enormous steps are bringing the horizon up in front of me with its gentle curve, and that I will soon be able to simply stride over the edge of the world and find a new one.

You know, actually that woman does have a pretty good rack. I'm going to go join that kid.


  1. This is exciting! You are going to the other side of the world to have strange and interesting adventures. I am jealous.

  2. Have a wonderful trip and if you do not keep us properly informed of all your adventures and escapades, I will frown heavily at my Alex Gnome.

    Love you much!