02 July 2008


Departure - Sunday, July 13th, 9:42 AM

Tampa to Detroit - 2 hours, 40 minutes.
Detroit to Tokyo - 12 hours, 55 minutes.
Tokyo to Seoul - 2 hours, 45 minutes.

Arrival in Korea - Monday, July 14th, 9:35 PM

I'll be traveling 22 hours, including layovers, yet will arrive in Korea 36 hours later. I can tell time is really going to get screwed up for me.


  1. What?! You're going to Korea?!

    Couldn't help it...

    But now that it's happening, I'm sad. Happy for you that it finally straightened out, but sad for us. I'll miss you! ::hugs::

  2. Indeed it will be. Chasing the sun across the earth is a weird experience. You'll lose all track of what time and, toward the end, even what day it is, somehow. It's completely disorienting and it will take you probably at least 3-4 days to adjust to the time difference. Make sure you take a sleep aid on the Detroit to Tokyo flight. It makes it so much easier.