29 July 2008

Mildly Frightening Moments

  • Walking around a deserted back street of Yeosu late at night with a couple of other drunken teachers, one of whom laughingly tells me in broken English that they are going to take me someplace to kill me and sell my body.
  • Riding in a car with ν˜•μ‹'s family as he drives it up a twisting and narrow gravel road to the top of a mountain. Then white-knuckling the seat as he backs down part of the way to get out, going twenty miles per hour backwards while describing the road as "very dangerous road."
  • Wandering around Yeosu alone with a pen and paper, trying to make a working map, only to realize that it's getting on near midnight and I am completely lost.
As it turns out: the teachers were just going to another bar; we made it down the mountain okay; and I got home just by asking for directions in horrible Korean.


  1. well at least you can't say your bored and have dull moments! BE safe you crazy American!! miss u!

  2. Ah...IMMERSION. I am pleased with the texture these scenarios create in my imagination. This is so good for you.