16 July 2008

Day Two

Well, it is now day two. I am in Yeosu, my city. The first day was insanely difficult, and I spent the night seriously wondering if I had made a big mistake. My only aid to trying to accomodate myself to an entirely new world and culture was a guy who only speaks stumbling English - and I myself have only a few phrases.

It is as hot as Florida, but there is the distinct difference of there being very little air-conditioning. I have had to learn a few tricks already in order to get by and stay cool, like everyone else here.

Every goddamn thing is small. I duck to go through many doors, the provided slippers for walking around at work (shoes come off at the door) have my heels hanging off of them, and even the equipment for my physical at the hospital was too small. It was only with great difficulty that I crammed myself into a small cubicle in order to get my hearing test. There are bigger problems, of course, but it's kind of interesting.

Almost every single person I have met has told me I was tall or told me I was handsome. So I guess I should really count my blessings. The children at the school react in an amusing fashion - without exception, they either giggle and run or else become very friendly and try to have a conversation.

Volleyball is very important in Yeosu and the surrounding area, and the school team recently won the championship, so that has also led to many people asking me if I would play for the team. I am unable to communicate that I know how to play, but I suck, but I think they will get the hint. They probably just assume that because I am tall, I will be great... but I proved that theory wrong about basketball too, back in the day. In sports with balls, I have the adeptness of one half of a radish. But no one asks the radish to join the team. That's discrimination.

It is getting incrementally less than incredibly difficult to make my way here.

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