19 August 2008


Having a week coming up with no work or whatnot, I decided it might be fun to try a new MMO. I decided against WoW without consideration; that nonsense is a done deal. I have since tried out the free trials for a few more.
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online - Wow, this is a really boring damn game. There are only a few options for characters, the quests are choppy and poorly-designed, and every minor task takes several seconds (which is really frustrating when it includes things like opening doors). A crappy attempt to port over D&D to a game that resulted in lousy D&D and a lousy game.
  • World War 2 Online - The first "MMOFPS," or Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. And if this is any indication of quality, it will be the last. I don't mind the graphics, even though they're very rudimentary. And I admit it's cool that they use a proprietary set of software to analyze every ballistic trajectory and calculate shrapnel and spall. It's very realistic. And it has made me realize this: being a soldier in WW2 must have been boring as hell. Run ten minutes to find a fight, get shot by an AI at a machine gun, wait a minute to respawn, and repeat. You need to advance in rank before you can do anything, and in two hours of playing I advanced 7% from "Rifleman" to "Rifleman with a Shinier Hat."
  • EVE Online - I had tried this before, but thought I'd give it another brief shot. Sure enough: still boring. It's a space game, and you fly around and mine rocks or try to kill pirates or whatever. It's highly mercantile game, and exactly like playing the stock market except you use massive nerd money instead of real money. Pretty lousy.
  • Everquest 2 - Hard to install. Crashes when I try to play, even after trying it in admin and in XP compatibility mode. Won't uninstall from Windows interface, and its own uninstall doesn't work. Yup, I'm just pleased as punch with Sony.
  • Lord of the Rings Online - The elves did me in. I'm sorry, but the pointy-eared sons-of-bitches never shut up. Whine, whine, whine. The dialog was like having my thumb removed with a Ford Pinto. Unpleasant.

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