06 August 2008

Map of Yeosu

Here's a map for y'all to take a look at. You can see about where I live, and the three schools I work at. The closest school to my home is my main one, Ssangbong. It's where I will be working most of the time. The other two are Sangam and Buk schools, where I am teaching English camp over the next couple of weeks and where I will be teaching one day every week during the regular school year each.

Notice how the city is shaped like a butterfly! Along the right coast are the great beaches of black sand. To the south are a lot of vacation-spot islands, with different ferries traveling around. I live in the center of the most populous area, down the street from city hall and the city stadium.


  1. I'm so glad you've shared the map and the pictures! Now we have visuals to go along with your tales of adventure! Keep sharing, it's awesome to read about your experiences. I hope all is fantastic and of course, I love and miss you lots.

  2. You get to go visit temples!!!