10 September 2008

I need advice.

So here is my conundrum:  my fellow native speaker, Jamie, is leaving on November 4th, a day approaching soon.  At that point, 상벙 will not have a teacher for their upper English classes.  I can't do those, since I am already teaching the lower classes and going to two other schools.

Now, I am offered the option to make a change when she leaves.  I can either continue my schedule as before, and they will find another native speaker to cover the upper classes, or else I can alter my schedule and spend all my time at 상벙 and stop going to the other two schools.

The latter holds a lot of attraction.  By just going to the one school, it would simplify everything immensely and make my life much easier when it comes to planning lessons.  The other two schools only have me, so I am teaching all English classes right from the text.  This is in contrast to at 상벙, where I am teaching the extra "discretion courses" of my own creation.  It's diverse and crazy.

But on the other hand, I like spending time at the other two schools.  They're small and a lot more intimate, some of the teachers are a lot of fun, and I'm developing a close rapport with the students that isn't possible at 상벙.  These schools have six or seven students to a class, whereas 상벙 has thirty or forty; it's an entirely different experience.

Ping-ponging back the other way, though, I should admit that I would probably do an overall better job if I was only at 상벙.  I could be consistent and devote more time to planning.  That might be better, too.

I am honestly unable to decide.  This rarely happens, even with big things.  Some advice would be welcome.


  1. You're used to predictable routines. A bit of chaos is perfect for you right now. Which situation offers you the opportunity to make the biggest difference, while at the same time stretches you?

  2. Haha, sounds like when I had to make the decision with transferring. Go with your gut. If you think you'll do a fabulous job with just one school, stay with one. But if you want that diversity of experience, stay with your current schools. Also, if you stayed at the one school, then wouldn't the other schools have to hire another teacher? Those are my thoughts.