26 September 2008


Now all the "who won?" crap. I truly wish this nonsense didn't occur... you can't really "win" these things. They're not a football game. They disagree only on a few matters of substance, and both candidates were guilty of stretching the truth or outright lying on multiple occasions (although McCain was rather worse there). What it really comes down to is whose version of reality you buy... which narrative you think is true.

Ah, well, at least I get to watch my mancrush Anderson Cooper in the post-debate analysis.

UPDATE: Well, people seem to be in agreement that Obama "won." So there's that. As usual, partisans all went their own way overwhelmingly, so it's the independents that make the call.


  1. It's a good thing you can get you Anderson Cooper fix. What would happen to you if you didn't have internet? XD

  2. I actually watched it on my TV, albeit in negative (see pic in previous post). So thank goodness, my Cooperfix did not depend on the net.