14 October 2008


The unofficial mascot for my lessons has become the fishcake.

Orginally, I was teaching food names to the third grade.  We had learned chicken and pizza and hamburger and so on, as well as fish and cake.  Generally speaking, I like to keep things interesting, so halfway through the lesson I took the cherry from on top of the cake and drew it on the previous fish I already had up there.  So now this fish-with-a-cherry is known as a fishcake.  It proved wildly popular, with the kids bursting into hysterics at the very idea.

The next class, someone shouted out fishcake while I was drawing the items on the board, so I put it up there too.  Now in almost every class, someone urges me to draw the fishcake.  The teachers have come to me asking what it means, and I was unable to explain it to them.  So I just told them it was a fish in a cake.  They are puzzled about American cuisine at the moment.

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