22 October 2008


I happened to see this show called "여사부일체" on television recently. It's about three "schoolgirls" (in the Melrose Place near-thirty sense) who solve mysteries.  Or maybe they just fight crime.  Well, to be honest I cannot understand a goddamn word, but it is the funniest thing there has ever been. I wish I could find it subbed online somewhere, but alas. I guess I have to wait for it to be over.

I also picked up a few albums by some new artists recommended to me:
  • Rodriguez - Amazing and good.
  • Joss Stone - Useless pop.
  • Guns and Roses - Classic for good reason.
  • Frank Sinatra - Not as good as I imagined.
  • Dominic Frasca - Plays a six-stringed guitar with a custom-made drum insert-thing, and produces an absolutely unique but brilliant sound. Liked this one so much I bought it.
  • Jacqueline Stem - A very light sound, good to have in the background.
My reading has slowed down, since I have been knee-deep in a History of the Korean People, a very laborious and thick textbook that covers 3000 B.C. all the way to 1991 A.D.  It is not a light read, but it's truly fascinating.

I'm trying to keep distracted and busy.

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