03 October 2008

Not a Great Weekend, I Suspect

So this is not shaping up to be the best of weekends.

Ruri broke up with me. We had been on a break kind of thing while I am here - still in a relationship, but not wholly committed. And for various private reasons, now we're not in any kind of relationship. It was wholly and completely surprising and not a little upsetting, considering how I was calling her to say that I wanted to wholly commit and get out of the "break" thing. The way the conversation went was a little jarring, to put it mildly.

I am very much irritated with being reasonable. I wanted to yell at her at the top of my lungs or something similarly irrational and hurtful. This whole "rational approach" to life doesn't seem to be working too well, so I'm going to try something different for a while. I don't know what, since nothing else seems to make any sense.

Oh, and look at this swell deal with my elbow.  The entire thing is black and bruised badly from slipping an falling on it the other day; the joint popped right out of place.  I can't move it to either extreme or pick up anything heavier than a book.

So things are just peachy.

I guess I couldn't expect anything from Ruri, really. She has every right to move on if she thinks she can be happier that way. I'm not even mad. I want to be mad. I feel like I should be mad. But I just want her to be happy.  Just thinking about the whole situation makes me nauseous.

Bad things come in threes, say the superstitious.  But what the fuck else can happen?

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  1. ::hugs:: Love you.

    Wish there was something better I could say, or that I could at least pick things up for you... You know you're in my thoughts.