01 November 2008


The Drudge Report is one of the most-updated and wide-reaching news pages, but I am going to have to stop reading it. Matt Drudge's bias has been long-obvious; he posts any conceivable new "evidence against global warming" story that pops up on BreitBart, he ignores huge swaths of news that he dislikes (like almost anything about Gitmo), and various other libertarian-conservative trends. But of late he has gotten so bad that it's just become unconscionable; he can't be trusted anymore if he is going to try to personally change the news to make it what he wants.

I wish I'd gotten a capture of it, but yesterday one of the infamous Drudge "Flashes" came up as the headline, asserting from an unnamed source that the Obama campaign ejected three news organizations from his plane for the last week in retaliation for them endorsing McCain. Half a day later, this story is gone. All trace of it has vanished. There is no admission by the site that the story was actually false, as we must now assume.

It's a shame; the site is a great resource. But I will set up Google News instead to suit my needs. I damn sure don't need Matt Drudge trying to decide what news he wants me to see. Here's Nate Silver on why the current headline (screencapped above) is such absurd cherry-picking.

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