11 November 2008


I'm not much for "faith" when used as a substitute for reason.  When I use the word, I mean it more in the sense of "trust."  But it's a poetic word.  And sometimes, apt, as in the case of Obama.

I was expecting major disappointments from Obama, simply because he promised so much.  Virtually every President who has promised the things that Obama has promised has failed to deliver on much of them.  There have been few exceptions, and we can't expect a Lincoln every term.

So it was with pleasant surprise and a surge of emotion that I read that Obama was planning to close Gitmo as soon as possible and bring the detainees out from the extra-legal and insane position to which they had been condemned.  And it was with pragmatic wonder (if such a thing can be) that I read about how he has called for Lieberman not to be cast out of the Democrats, even though Lieberman just spent the entire campaign casting aspersions on the now-President-elect and working hard to get his rival in office.  Lieberman's garbage, but he's just been doing his job the best he can and in the way he thinks it should be done, and ultimately I am hard-pressed to give in to the vengeful feelings so many Democrats have been encouraging in their leaders.  To be honest, I don't really care very much about punishing him if keeping him around will help get more done.

I may have to get ready to have my expectations met by Obama.

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