28 November 2008

The only way I can explain it.

What I say.  What they hear.

"Oh, an orange.  No thanks, we just had lunch, I'm pretty full."
"Oh, I love oranges.  Yes, I would like it."

"No, really.  Thanks anyway, but I am not hungry."
"I insist you give me that orange.  I am very hungry."

"Well, okay, thank you.  I'll eat it later."
"I want to eat it right now in front of you.  Please beg me to do so."

"Uh, yeah, all right.  I'll eat some of it now, then."
"I was almost dead from hunger, but you have saved me.  I demand another orange."

"Oh, wow.  No, come on!"
"Thank you for caring for this lost American who desperately needs oranges."


  1. Ha, that sounds like my family. Remind me to take you to Ecuador some time... you might get kidnapped, but you'll be well-fed when it happens.

  2. I would LOVE to go to Ecuador sometime!

  3. I will gladly take you to Ecuador one day. It will be fun! ::grins::