01 November 2008

Prop 8 in CA

If Proposition 8 doesn't pass in California, then schools will have to teach their students that gay marriage may result in children, defying all we know of anatomy! Our good and hard-working teachers will be forced by the city liberals to try to make kids understand homosexuality! If Proposition 8 doesn't pass, then the gays will abuse their children and tell them that marriage as an institution is meaningless!

They're just trying to intimidate people who are devout and religious!

Even the children are spontaneously singing songs to support Proposition 8! (This is the best one.)

Of course, supporters of Proposition 8 aren't saying that gays can't love each other, nor are they saying that gay unions are any less meaningful than straight unions. They just want a special privileged and government-sanctioned label for straight unions that singles them out for employer benefits and for tax purposes. What is so hard to understand about that, people?!

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