18 November 2008


So Clinton will be Secretary of State. Considering how she was so fiery and hawkish during the debates and campaign, this may continue his good-cop-bad-cop strategy that he has used so effectively. Of course, she still agrees with him on most of the issues - which was actually why she had to be so hawkish, to set herself apart from him. People make a lot of fuss about Bill Clinton, especially the right, but I think that he will only have a slightly higher soapbox than other peripheral figures in the administration. If anything, he will be an asset; another gun to deploy when clout is needed, but one that will be sure of his place.

Overall, I am somewhat dubious but tending towards liking this move. And it certainly will put Hillary solidly in the administration's corner - she will have every reason to use all the Clinton resources to make sure the Obama terms succeed.

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