23 February 2009


Lizzie and I spent hours last night taking quizzes.  We discovered she is a stingray and a swallow, and that I am a narcissistic schizoid.  I also wrote my own for her.
1.  On your way to visit Alexander at his work, you come to a lake in your path.  You can either take a small sloop to cross the lake, or you can charter a ferry to take you across.  Which do you choose?

The lake represents difficulties along the path to love.  If you choose to take the sloop, it means you are dedicated to solving the difficulties encountered in the travails of love on your own steam.  If you choose to charter the ferry, it means you are trying to choose the non-obvious option and are clever enough to deal with any difficulties without too many problems.

2.  Further along the path, you find yourself in need of succor.  You can either take a relaxing nap in a shady copse nearby, or you can refresh yourself with a light snack in a tent.  Which do you choose?

The rest stop represents the need for self-renewal in a relationship.  If you choose to take the nap, then it means you are capable of introspection and allow yourself to delve deeply into your inner workings.  If you choose to consume the snack, then it means you are able to discern your own needs and generally don't feel very good when you take a nap.

3.  When you arrive at Alexander's workplace, you can either go in through the front door and greet him normally, or go in through the back door and surprise him.  Which do you choose?

The workplace represents your approach to Alexander in general.  If you choose to go in through the front door, then you will attempt to meet him head-on and honestly.  If you choose to go in through the back door, then you will attempt to innovatively find ways in which to make things exciting and fun and oh my whoops did you choose this one I am surprised.

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