07 May 2009


Well, I was all set to go to either the University of Saint Louis at Madrid or the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, then I settled on just one of two New Zealand schools.  But it appears as though they are offering me very little money, probably because of my Wake Forest grades (which look a lot better when hidden behind a "transfer" section at UT than they do starkly on the transcript).  So now I'm not sure what to do.  Maybe work longer and try to raise some money and keep trying to get something published in a journal, or maybe just bite the bullet and take out insane amounts of loans.  Given the precarious future of English academia, I'm starting to think the latter might be foolhardy, even if it's more immediately satisfying.

Lizzie is advocating that I work for longer; she was willing to go with me wherever I was going to school, but I think she's pleased this might mean we might be traveling elsewhere (although naturally unhappy that my own goals are receding).  Maybe we'll work in Costa Rica or somewhere in Hispanica; the former is her suggestion.

Trying to figure out what to say to my mother, since I know she's going to freak out.

On the plus side, I've adopted Google Reader as a feedreader.  It makes accessing the sites I visit daily much easier; NYT, 538, webcomics, Harper's, London Books, and so on are all aggregated into a single service.  I guess I have poor nerd cred for not picking it up sooner, but necessity finally prompted me.  It's much easier to stay up on the news when a single link supplies it all to me.

Also, I finally got around to starting Gibbon.  For heavy reading, it makes a good break from the Proust.

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  1. If you aren't going to Madrid, move heeere!