09 July 2009

A Few Things

I have read the whole internet and here are some things.

Bradford Plumer at TNR about cap-and-trade and how it's worked in Europe.

Gerard Magliocco at Concurring Opinions on different "canonical statutes" that are considered sacrosanct.

Daniel Indiviglio at Atlantic Business on how the unemployment stats are quite off, and how it will spike quite high when matters improve (deceptively). Look for it as an empirical sign of an improving economy.

David Kahane at the National Review is sickeningly filled with hatred for liberals. It's a disgusting bile-filled slab of venom prompted by what he sees as unjust attacks on good ol' Palin by the elitest media. I am not exaggerating.

Stanley Fish (an epic name and a legend in his own time) points out in the Times that the stumbling and shocking nature of the Sanford passionate interview and the Palin stuttering resignation are prompted by genuine emotion, and that shouldn't be overlooked.

Google is releasing an operating system, and the Atlantic Business does a pair of gimmicky posts for both pro and con, and neither one is actually insightful or worth reading. Read the Opinionator about it instead, since it's as good as the Opinionator usually is.

Wonkette mocks Brian Kilmeade from Fox and Friends for accidentally being a hilarious eugenicist

Only one guy voted against a bill in Congress designed to commemorate slave labor's role in the creation of the Capitol, Steve King (R-IA). He says he voted against it to protect our "Judeo-Christian heritage." He goes with Bachmann in the crazy hyperchristian category, a populous segment of politicians.

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