12 August 2009

Glenn Beck and Common Sense

Today I skimmed most of Glenn Beck's An Inconvenient Book. And let me say that a more error-filled, venemous, disgusting book has seldom seen the black of ink. It purports to be "common sense" solutions to the serious problems of today.

Let me say that I don't like Glenn Beck. He hails from my area, where he has skyrocketed from a local radio hack to the host of his own show on Fox News. He is not an expert or really informed about any topic - since high school he has done nothing but be a radio host (initially Christian rock) and often even admits that he doesn't know much. But that doesn't stop him from telling people how wrong they are and how right he is, with the unmitigated gall of even calling his own opinions "common sense." He even raped Thomas Paine to produce a book by that name, to which I will not link.

I think Beck appeals to people because few people like to think about how difficult our problems really are. Yes, crime is a problem. And the simple solution is to simply make penalties incredibly harsh. But that simple solution has been proven wrong again and again (look at California, where harsher penalties have only driven up the crime rate and packed the prisons with three times the number of legally allowed inmates!). This is why we have experts in topics: because things are often complex and difficult.

To be sure, common sense is valuable. And sometimes a whole lot of nonsense gets in the way, and it's what's needed. But simply naming the most obvious and easiest solution, like Beck does, is not actually common sense. And it doesn't work.

Here's the motherfucker saying that Obama is following the same path as Hitler and the Democrats may be becoming the Nazis. If Carollus Linnaeus came across this guy, he'd call him Beckius assholae.

I just want you to think about it really hard, and I'm not making any claims, but Obama wants to rape your daughter. Can't we have a conversation about Obama's rape-fetish? Why do the liberals want to stop harmless questions?

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