12 October 2009

On a Practical Morality

I have some moral principles worked out pretty well, I think. And really, according to my best judgment, I should be a vegan locavore (eating only locally) who buys free-trade clothing and never downloads television shows, movies, games, books, or music. But really, it's just too much. I confess to being unable to live up to my own moral ideal.

All of my favorite foods are meat (almost without exception), so being a vegetarian is very difficult. It would surpass my strength to be a full vegan. Similarly, I read a great deal. It's just too easy for me to grab books off the net and read them on my PC (or now, my Kindle).

The question, of course, is whether or not I let myself lapse at the current level. Someday, I know, I will have to delete everything and start looking at labels.

Someday. Right?

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