19 January 2010

Big questions and personal update

I figure there's probably one common and annoying question for every discipline. Because of the public's understandable time constraints, only a few big issues ever rise from the depths of jargony journals and become publicized. I've been trying to think of some examples.

  • Linguistics - "What do you think about Sapir-Whorf? If I learn Latin will I be able to build a road?"
  • English Lit. - "Who wrote Shakespeare's plays? Was it Marlowe? Was it Bacon? Was it Buddha?"
  • Biology - "How did life begin? Do you really think we came from ooze?"
  • Psychology - "Do you think Freud was right and everyone just wants to have sex with their mother? That's gross."
  • Economics - "If we keep taxing people more and more, won't there come a point where we collect less money?"
  • Communications - "Why did you study that?  Didn't you want a job?"*

Also, I just learned that I got the job in Jeju I had been pursuing. Lizzie and I head over there together next month. I am going to Ohio next week. No more Florida for years... I have mixed feelings about that.

*Although maybe I shouldn't make fun of communications majors, considering I aspire to English academia.

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  1. The most annoying question I get as a psych major is, "Can you analyze me and tell me what my problem is?" This is usually a person I've just met. NO, I AM NOT JAMBI THE GENIE AND I CAN'T READ MINDS.