06 January 2010

Jung's "Liber Novus"

From Chapter 19, "Die Gabe der Magie" ("The Gift of Magic.") Jung (I) speaks with his soul (S).

I: Magic! What should I do with magic? I don't believe in it, I can't believe in it. My heart sink- and I'm supposed to sacrifice a greater part of my humanity to magic?
S: I advise you, don't struggle against this, and above all don't act so enlightened, as if deep down you did not believe in magic.
I: You're inexorable. But I can't believe in magic, or maybe I have a completely false idea of it.
S: Yes. I gather that from what you're saying. Cast aside your blind judgment and critical gesture, otherwise you'll never understand. Do you still mean to waste years waiting?
I: Be patient, my science has not yet been overcome.
S: High time that you overcame it!

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