13 January 2010

Pact with the Devil

When I watched this video, I saw Pat Robertson talking about how Haiti once made a pact with the devil to escape French domination, and that's led them to this terrible disaster today.

I thought to myself how insightful that was. Near the turn of the nineteenth century, the Haitians rose up under a strong man leader, and lived under dictatorships for decades, including the infamous "Papa Doc" Duvalier. The poor leadership - only partially mitigated by recent reforms - has led to Haiti's status as one of the poorest nations on the planet, and given them the terrible infrastructure and lack of preparedness to make them entirely unable to handle a major disaster and increasing the tolls manyfold.

And then I thought to myself, "No. Wait a goddamn second. He just means that Haiti literally made a pact with the real Satan."

What a nutjob.

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