01 April 2010

Easter class

So today is an Easter lesson for my four sixth-grade classes.  I found this out late yesterday, when I was presented with a Powerpoint done by the other native-speaker teacher and told my planned lesson was canceled.  Instead we would be doing a special egg-painting Easter class, since Sunday is Easter.  You can see the lesson here.

The kids today were told to bring hard-boiled eggs into class.  Right off the bat, you have to know that this is going to be serious trouble.  Successive classes of thirty-five sixth-graders with hard-boiled eggs in a room barely big enough for all of their desks?  It took ten minutes before the smell of yolk from the broken eggs and stinking water from the plastic baggies became overwhelming.

I tried to teach the Powerpoint at the beginning of the first class.  The antique computer is hooked up to the ancient big-screen TV in the room, and that's how we display things like that.  Oldest and worst setup I've ever seen in this country. And today, it developed an interesting new flaw: it's goddamn haunted.

Every three or four minutes, the television would (without interrupting the display of the Powerpoint) suddenly burst into seemingly random two-second cuts of television shows. So the presentation went kind of like this:
Okay, so when the Easter Bunny has the Easter Eggs in his basket, what does he do with them?  That's right!  He takes them and hides th낄넘에졉퉃퐇동!
It was jarring. The kids call it "ghost TV" now.

Only three more repetitions to go.

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