30 May 2010

Jeju Furey Volleyball 2010

This past weekend was the third Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball Tournament, an event held to benefit the young children of a Jeju teacher who died in 2009. Lizzie and I went and camped out at Iho Beach Friday and Saturday nights - I actually went right from work, so when I clambered into the shower on Sunday night, grimy and tired, I hadn't been home for almost four days.

There were a ton of foreigners at the tournament, of course. Something like two dozen teams played, and so many people camped out at night that the campground was littered with thirty tents. I built a fire on Saturday night and pretty soon fifty people were crowded around the thing, drinking their bottles of wine or soju and laughing. During the day, the volleyball games went on seven at a time, while I helped sell beer at the concessions. Great weather, with warm sun and a cool breeze. Amazing time.

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