09 June 2010


Lizzie and I have booked a trip to China for the summer; over the course of twelve days we will make our way from Shanghai to Beijing. We have some good friends in Shanghai and the World Expo is there - plus we're going to hit all the high points we can. Tickets there and back were only $500 a person... but visas for Americans are $130. Alas.

I'm getting LASIK this month, either this Saturday or the next. I'm pretty excited. I remember clearly the feeling of freedom that came when I got contacts ("What is this strange experience... peripheral vision, you say?") and I can't wait to experience that on a grander scale.

Lizzie is a yellow belt in taekwondo after two months of classes. She's extremely proud of her new tone and growing fitness, and is always eagerly offering to display her new kicks or her favorite one-handed-neck-chop move.

We've been gamboling around the island in our car, hitting up beaches and parties and the like. I want to soak it up before grad school next year.

Also, here is a picture of me being awesome:

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