20 July 2010


In the United States Congress, sometimes Senators or Representatives feel the need to organize in pursuit of common goals. In the big scale, they form parties like the Democrats or Republicans. On a smaller scale, they unite in caucuses based around smaller ideas. Some of them are relatively famous and powerful, like the Blue Dog Democrats, a group of conservative Democrats who united to leverage their power (and are an endangered species nowadays) or the Congressional Black Caucus. And then there are some less famous and less powerful ones. There are hundreds of caucuses, ranging from the Congressional Scouting Caucus to the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus. It's really hard to think of a cause without a caucus. Let's look at some weird ones.

Here's a mostly complete list of caucuses.

EDIT: The Huffington Post did a completely identical story today. That is really annoying and probably prompted by the same news that prompted my story, the formation of the Tea Party Caucus.

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