14 July 2010

Let's Review

I hate to cheerlead here (not really) but I'm proud of Obama so far, by and large - with Pelosi and Reid deserving their fair credit too. The biggest complaint is just that he's terrible at getting out the message. Obama has done an enormous amount for the base who elected him and for the country as a whole, enacting a series of sweeping and amazing laws that make this Congress one of the most progressive and effective congresses in decades.
We can add in here some "lesser" achievements: two fairly liberal Supreme Court justices confirmed, several jobs bills, elimination of $7b in discretionary spending, and so on. And of course there's the complete shift in tone and ethics in the government, which may fall short of where we want it, but is still a thousandfold improvement over the Torture President. And bear in mind that all of these things have been accomplished in a Congress with an unprecedented level of Republican obstruction, where government has to run almost exclusively on filibuster-beating supermajorities.

You may not agree with the merits of one or all of these bills. But to say that Obama has done nothing in a year and a half is just profoundly ignorant.


  1. Excellent! I posted this to my FB, hoping that all of my friends who use their status updates as a platform to bash Obama, might read it.

  2. Rachel really liked this and re-posted it to her page. She didn't realize that you wrote it, so I let her know. Between the two of us posting it...think of how many people might have read something that you wrote. Cool-io. :)