19 July 2010


I consume a lot of news, and there have been some shifts in what I read.  I thought I'd mention some of them again, and maybe others might have some suggestions.

I read from cover to cover every issue of The New Republic, the Economist, the London Review of Books, and the New Yorker. I read the headlines and features of the Washington Post, the New York Times (with especial attention to the Opinionator and Stanley Fish), the BBC, ProPublica, the Atlantic, Seed Magazine, Harper's, Mother Jones. I subscribe to the main feeds of RealClearPolitics, Media Matters' Wonk Room, the Columbia Journalism Review, FiveThirtyEight, Politico, and Ezra Klein's blog. I follow a rough assortment of webcomics, winnowed down from numerous to the best of them: Achewood, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Something Positive, Hark! A Vagrant, Order of the Stick, Questionable Content, XKCD, and Dinosaur Comics. I catch the week's highlights from Lifehacker and the Sunday collection of PostSecret. I follow some half-dozen science or regional blogs like Brian in Jeollanam-do, Neuroskeptic, Enviroknow, and Language Log. I catch the amazing beauty of the Big Picture, How To Be a Retronaut, and A Journey Around My Skull. I subscribe to most every major book review, although I skip past most of them.

Google Reader informs me that "[f]rom your 82 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 7,316 items." This amounts to about 220 items read per day, although in many cases "reading" consists of just zipping past it after seeing it is redundant or uninteresting. Still, I feel well-informed and there's always something waiting for me.  I highly recommend the program for getting through a big mess of news.

EDIT:  Changed wording slightly, after someone pointed out that this post doesn't seem to have a point beyond self-promotion.

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