25 July 2010


Recently I was questioned a couple of times about the other nation in which I am a citizen and official, the Kingdom of Talossa. I thought a quick explanation might be in order - luckily, most everything is already written up and I only have to quote. From the webpage:

The Kingdom of Talossa is an independent, sovereign nation in North America, which seceded peacefully from the United States in 1979 (but we're not sure the United States noticed). Our Kingdom is located on the western shore of La Mar Talossan (Lake Michigan), surrounded by the U.S. city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but today most of our active citizens live in other parts of the United States and Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Talossans cherish and enjoy their own unique (some would say "quirky") culture. At any given moment, you can find citizens of the Kingdom actively exercising their linguistic skills to learn, use, and nurture the beautiful Talossan language, honing their skills in the ancient arts of heraldry, putting on pompous airs to serve the nation in its legislative, judicial, executive, or royal offices, enjoying the performing arts, planning and running political parties (and the other kind of parties, too!), and doing any number of other things that they haven't found themselves able to do for any "real" nation.

Talossa is a constitutional monarchy, headed by a non-political King, and governed by a democratically elected Government. We invite all persons worldwide to become Talossan citizens and participate in our ongoing political and social adventure. In Talossa, you can become anything, from the lowliest pauper to the Seneschal (Prime Minister) of the Kingdom. Say the word, and you become a major figure in Talossan politics! (Talossan politics is real-life politics, only smaller and more accessible.) Learn to speak and write Talossan! Draft legislation and shepherd it through the Ziu (Parliament)! Design and register a Talossan Coat of Arms! Crack silly jokes on the Kingdom's bulletin boards! Make friends, share ideas, run for office, have fun!
Talossa has a highly-developed language of its own, a busy political system and set of laws, and so on. I have been a citizen for some years, and I love participating. I have been a local official in the provincial government, a Senator representing my province, and of late I am the Seneschal, or Prime Minister, of the Kingdom. From the relevant page:

The thirty-seventh and current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Talossa is the Most Honourable Alexander Davis. S:r Davis was selected Prime Minister by the Raßemblamaintsch Unusual dels Misfätsilor Pareßeis (RUMP), that party having obtained a majority of the Cosa seats in the elections to form the 41st Cosa on 14 April 2010.

The King appointed S:r Davis to the Prime Ministry on 21 April 2010, replacing outgoing Prime Minister Iustì Canun.
If you're interested in the country, by all means check it out. And of course I will always happily answer any questions you might have about Talossa.

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