02 July 2010

Useful Phrases for the Disgruntled English Teacher in Korea

Korean혼자 (하세요)
Sounds like...Honja (haseyo)
MeaningDo it by yourself (i.e. not in a group)
TranslationI can see you cheating off your partner, so knock it off. No, don't hide behind your folder. I can see over the folder. I can see you. I CAN SEE YOU. STOP IT.

Sounds like...Shijak
TranslationIf you don't quit throwing that empty water bottle at each other I will test out the shredder on your stupid-looking vest. It will probably ruin it with the sparkly bits that spell out, "Hookers 4 Reagan" but I don't care.

Sounds like...Hajima
MeaningStop it.
TranslationIt doesn't matter who started the fight but I am here to end it and I am literally three times your size, you tiny little boy. Don't glare at me, I'm not afraid to make you cry. I can scar you for life. I have that power.

Korean조용히 (하세요)
Sounds like...Joyongi (haseyo)
TranslationStop screaming at each other about the pencil. There, now I've broken the pencil and no one gets it. Be quiet or I will feed the pieces to you.

Sounds like...Anja
MeaningSit down!

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