12 August 2010

Two graphs and a note

So here are two graphs (lifted from Ezra Klein's blog) that illustrate two trends flat-out.  There's not much wiggle-room on either.

One: Almost all jobs lost were lost before Obama's policies took effect via the stimulus and subsequent jobs bill. You can make the claim that these job losses were still partly the fault of Democrats, and you can claim that Obama hasn't helped recovery enough. But to claim - as Republicans have been doing - that Obama has lost more jobs is simply untrue, to a tune of 8 million.

Two: The Democrats want to cut everyone's taxes. The Republicans want to cut everyone's taxes by a similar amount, except for the super-rich who would received a seventeenfold larger cut under the GOP. That's "seventeenfold," a number so big that the word isn't in my spellchecker.

On an unrelated note, I will be in China for the week and incommunicado.

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