09 September 2010

Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba has a column and a blog. He is terrible.

Here he is back in August 2008 with a post called, "Why McCain Will Win."

Obama’s biggest problem is that the majority of Americans racially are white. Even Hispanics, racially, are white. Once you get by all the usual politically correct blather about race, the likelihood that whites will vote for Obama is slim to none when they get in the privacy of the voting booth.

He followed it up with, "Why John McCain Will Win - Part Duh!"

Sen. Obama has entered the phase of his campaign where he is beginning to babble about ending “the age of oil” by the end of his second term. This from a candidate who hasn’t even won his first term. There’s confidence, there’s arrogance, and there is the state of self-delusion where you begin to actually believe the stupid things you’re saying.
My guess is that the first big shock will come just after the election on November 4. Shortly thereafter Israel, with the blessing of the White House, will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to destroy or at least delay its program to develop weapons. They wouldn’t let Saddam Hussein do it in 1981 and they wouldn’t let Syria do it in late 2007. Anyone who thinks they will let Iran do it is deluding themselves.

So he does not have a good track record of knowing things or thinking things. I've been reading his blog for a while now, because it does a good job of being consistently wrong. If he says something, that's usually an indicator that I should give the exact opposite some serious consideration, since it's likely to be right.

Last month, I commented a few times on his posts. But eventually he decided that he didn't want to have to defend himself, so he blacklisted my comments. You can read the exchange here, but the essential element is his retort, "Well, here's my rebuttal. This is MY blog, not yours. Any further comments will be rejected. Go away."

Lately Caruba's been posting about Israel. Previously he's slimed,

It remains a mystery to me why American presidents, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, the two Bushes, and now Obama even bother to push for a two-state “solution” when the record shows that Arafat and his successors have fled from any negotiations that would actually accomplish that. The so-called Palestinians only want the annihilation of the Jews as does the rest of the region.

Now he's flatly declaring,

The peace talks the White House is sponsoring, much as previous administrations going back to Jimmy Carter have done, are doomed to failure. Just prior to the talks, four Israelis, one of whom was pregnant, were murdered and Hamas took credit for it. In Gaza, 3,000 turned out to celebrate the killings.

Now, it's one thing to be skeptical of the future of the peace talks. That's universal. A NYT editorial even led with, "The resumption of direct peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians this week was auspicious, despite a long history of failed attempts that fosters justifiable pessimism about the ultimate chance of success."

But Caruba is obviously, slaveringly hoping for failure and war. He wants Israel to go to war and have it escalate, and wants Iran destroyed. Ideally, it seems, he wants all Muslims destroyed,

"There will be no peace for Israel, for the United States, and for the world so long as a religion that celebrates murder and death continues to pursue its mission based on the myths of Muhammad and his followers."

I don't want to be too harsh here, but I'm starting to think Alan Caruba is an unmitigated piece of warmongering bigoted trash.

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