20 September 2010

Vote Republican, because they'll get back to you.

If you promise to eliminate specific negative things, you can appeal to all the people who hate those negative things. And if you promise to eliminate general entitlements, then you can appeal to all the people who want a smaller government (at least in theory) because no one imagines that their entitlement is the problem. It's all the money going to other people. Their Social Security/Medicaid/charter school/health inspection/water standards/road maintenance is important, it's all the waste that's the problem.

We'll lower taxes by 5% across the board, allowing our most productive people to get back to creating jobs. We'll eliminate the estate tax permanently, so no one is penalized for dying. And we'll slash the corporate tax rate down from its astonishing heights.

How will you compensate for all the lost revenue when we're already running a serious budget deficit? If we tax less, we will bring in less money.

Spending cuts.

What spending cuts?

We'll get back to you.
But we'll also eliminate the individual mandate in the new healthcare law so no one is forced by the government to buy a product or choose a government-sanctioned product over the one they want. And we'll eliminate the 1099 reporting requirement, so small businesses aren't burdened with so much paperwork over frivolous matters. We'll repeal this health care junk and replace it with something that works.

How can you keep healthcare affordable without a mandate - won't people just avoid enrolling until they're sick, making costs skyrocket? How can you pay for the popular parts of the healthcare reform (no screening for pre-existing conditions, interstate purchasing, etc.) if you get rid of the unpopular parts that fund the program?

We'll eliminate waste.

What waste?

We'll get back to you.
But we'll fix this disastrous foreign policy, and get rid of the START treaty. No more will we have to get rid of more nukes than Russia, and allow them to build more launchers while we have to dismantle ours. Plus, we'll get tough with North Korea and Iran in various ways that will force them to become responsible international citizens.

How will you keep Russia from building as many nukes or launchers as they want if you get rid of the hard-negotiated START treaty, that's endorsed by virtually every responsible figure on both sides of the aisle? And what ways will you use to approach North Korea or Iran that aren't being used right now? What ideas do you have about these things? What commitments will you make about these things? What does the GOP have to offer in the way of any credible leadership at all?

We'll get back to you.

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