23 December 2010

Alan Caruba does not know how treaties work.

So Alan Caruba has a column about the lame duck. Let's start off by playing Caruba BINGO!

The so-called Stimulus Act... government seizure of General Motors and Chrysler... voters took away the Democrat’s control... Obamacare... North Korea has nukes ... Iran is desperately attempting to make its own nukes... grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens... Environmental Protection Agency to do an end-run around the Constitution to impose an utterly false regulation of carbon dioxide emissions in the name of a global warming that has been exposed as a hoax and fraud... Obama has stopped any exploration or extraction of oil... Federal Reserve is printing money... worst President in the history of the nation.

I win!

Not that it's a challenge. But one bit of his nonsense did catch my eye: his arguments against the just-passed START treaty.

Crowing about the passage of the “Start” treaty with Russia ignored the fact that both signatories to the treaty can withdraw at any time that circumstances require it. Looks good on paper, but it is essentially meaningless in an era where North Korea has nukes, Pakistan has nukes, and Iran is desperately attempting to make its own nukes. It does little to ward off the potential use of nuclear weapons at some point and limits U.S. defensive measures.

I would like to also note that START does not prohibit China from nuking America, or Nigeria from grossly manipulating its currency against the USD. START does not restrict Antarctica from mailing us letter-bombs, and it does not enact border security to stop the flow of Canadians into Greenland.

START does not keep your bread fresh. It will not repave your driveway with those fancy new scallop-shaped paving bricks. START cannot watch over your children tenderly in the wee hours of the morning, stroking their foreheads with the back of its hand. START does not remove rashes or relieve itchiness. START can neither slice, dice, or julienne.

All START does is keep an eye on Russian nuclear weapons, because it is a treaty with Russia. Not North Korea, Pakistan, or Iran.

Alan Caruba is a fabulous geode, unearthed and cracked open to reveal a glittering treasure of stupid.

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