17 December 2010

Vulnerable Obama?

Roger Simon has a column at Politico. It is terrible.

There is now so much room to the left of Barack Obama, it is becoming increasingly possible that some Democrat will challenge him in 2012.
Those who say they currently have no interest in running against Obama — Russ Feingold and Howard Dean to name two — could change their minds if polls show Obama losing to Republican challengers. (A Quinnipiac Poll last month showed Mitt Romney edging Obama by a single percentage point in a hypothetical 2012 race.)

This is published just hours after a new WSJ poll.
Overall, the survey indicates that, for all the criticism the president is taking in Washington from Democratic leaders and liberal activists, he is shifting in a direction supported by many Democrats outside Washington and by the public in general.
On the political front, Mr. Obama faces a mixed picture as he considers his re-election. Only 42% said they would probably vote for the president if he ran again; 39% said they would probably vote for a Republican.

But putting a specific Republican name into the question changes the picture. Mr. Obama leads former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by seven percentage points, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin by 22 points, and Sen. John Thune of South Dakota by 20 points.

I'll say this right now, flat out and without hedging: Obama will not face any kind of serious primary challenge in 2012.

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