16 April 2011

Atlas Shrugged Sundays

I have been slacking off a bit in my blogging. It's been pretty hectic lately in school and I've been slow to sit down and write. To combat this, I thought I'd start another mockery-project. The regularity will keep me prompt and steady.  The last time, I did a succession of posts on the Left Behind series of Christian apocalyptic fiction, and I enjoyed it enormously.

So in honor of the new Atlas Shrugged movie, I am going to inaugurate Atlas Shrugged Sundays, a regular feature where I break down Rand's magnum opus piece-by-piece.

I am very well-acquainted with the material: Atlas Shrugged was* my mother's favorite book ("It changed my life!") and I was in love with it most of my teenage years and well into college. It's melodramatic and simplistic in form, and it was written mostly to illustrate Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. Longtime readers of my blog, by the way, may remember when I went through Terry Goodkind's own paean to Objectivism, his Sword of Truth series.  The ur-Objectivist text is a thousand times worse, as I will show.

The first installment will go up next week.

*My mother has informed me that it is no longer her favorite book.

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  1. Um, it was my favorite book through most of my teenage years and well into college. It did change the way I thought then. But it isn't my favorite book as an adult.