25 November 2011

Caruba, Mythmonger

Alan Caruba's latest column is too terrible to let pass unnoticed.

The 2012 national elections will be held on November 6 and I naturally want to get out ahead of all the other pundits and their predictions about its outcome. I cannot tell you who the Republican winner will be, but I can tell you that Barack Hussein Obama will be known as a former President.

He has most certainly turned out to be the biggest loser—a turkey—to hold the office of president. I can look back over my writings in 2008 and say “I told you so!” to anyone who voted for Obama.
Let's remember that this same guy who is looking forward to gloating over Obama's loss is the same guy who also confidently predicted that Obama would resign before the end of his first term, and before that predicted that Obama would be "toast" in the 2008 election ("In the end, I don’t think he likes white people very much. Not even his grandmother.").  At this point, any reader should be wary of trusting his pronouncements.

It was surreal to watch how the mainstream media went out of its way to ignore the fact that there were virtually NO FACTS to cite regarding Obama-the-candidate. Any candidate who had gone to the extent of hiding the ordinary “paper trail” that all of us leave when we attend school, college, serve in the military, acquire a Social Security card, travel, or simply acquire friends and acquaintances, surely had something to hide.

To this day, no one seems to recall being in college with Obama, though he attended Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. Surely you would think someone would pen a word or two of their memories of him. No student in the classes he taught on the Constitution at the University of Chicago has shared those days. If he dated anyone prior to Michelle, they remain incognito.
One of the keys to a good column is making sure that a good debunking would at least require longer than thirty seconds.  Alan Caruba does not write good columns.  This page points out an article Obama wrote as a student at Columbia, some memories from a roommate there, and the account of a professor who remembers him from class.  And literally the second result on Google for "Obama student University of Chicago" turns up comments and memories from his former students.  Caruba's wide-eyed ravings here are so easily proven false, it's kind of amazing he put this print.  But hey, this is Caruba we're talking about.

There’s a term in boxing when a boxer has been hit hard enough to make him groggy, “stepping in post holes”, as he staggers around the ring. It seems an apt term for Obama who is finding fewer supporters and defenders beyond the hard core of liberal Democrats.

From promises to close Gitmo to efforts to try Islamic terrorists held there in civil courts, Obama was rebuffed. 

Obama’s promises regarding jobs to be created by his “Stimulus” have proved baseless and costly. 
It's definitely true that Obama tried and failed to find a way to close Gitmo.  With NIMBY protests in every region that was proposed and ardent opposition from members of both parties, he never pushed this one too hard.  But Caruba's claims about the stimulus are another joke of an assertion, particularly since just a few days ago the authoritative Congressional Budget Office released a report on the stimulus's effect (headline: "Stimulus added up to 3.3M jobs.")

Obama’s aggressive anti-energy policies are costing jobs from the Gulf of Mexico to the now delayed Keystone XL pipeline and all points in between. Scandals involving the bankrupt Solyndra, a solar panel company and other “green energy” investments and loans are costing him support. This is true as well wherever coal is mined and where they drill for natural gas and oil.
Oil drilling is at a record high.  Oil production is at a record high.  Reliance on foreign oil has dropped by 7% in the past two years.  Coal and natural gas aren't hurting, either.  And subsidies of renewable energy remain at a tiny fraction of the subsidies for oil, natural gas, and nuclear power.

In 2010, voters returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republican Party. Does anyone at this point seriously think that these and other factors point to an Obama victory in 2012?

He will be defeated and by a margin that will astound everyone.
Alan Caruba's confidence in his preferred outcome makes me feel better about Obama's chances; he's like a compass that always points south.

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