15 December 2011

BTT: Character or Plot?

This week's Booking Through Thursday asks:

What’s more important to you? Real, three-dimensional, fleshed-out fascinating characters? Or an amazing, page-turning plot? (Yes, I know, they are both important. But if you had to pick one as being more important than the other?
My brief reply is that when I think about some of the books I enjoy the most, such as A Confederacy of Dunces or Les Miserables, I realize that the attribute that I enjoy the most is not their plot (though it may be intricate or magnificent) but the amazing and full characters. This is not to say that plot is unimportant, but characters are vital.


  1. I think I agree, although I always have problems with either/or questions like this.


  2. Yah someone who chose character, sometimes they are more important than the plot. Here's my BTT

  3. i see your point! well thought out answer, i like it!! http://thebookmystress.blogspot.com/2011/12/booking-through-thursday-9-character-or.html

  4. A great answer.