01 December 2011

BTT: Mood Reading

This week's Booking Through Thursday asks:

Do you find that your mood affects the things you read? Like, if you’re in a bad mood, do you tend to indulge in reading that will support it or do you try to read things that will cheer you up? Do you pick different types of books on dreary, rainy days than you do on bright sunny ones?
For that matter, does your mood color what you’re reading, so that a funny book isn’t so funny or a serious one not so deep?
My book selection seldom depends on my mood.  Instead, I seek variety.  I like to alternate fiction and nonfiction, fluff and epic, Russian and American, and so on.  If I decide not to read the latest celebrity biography or a dense history, it's almost inevitably because I have read something similar recently and I just want to switch up.  There's probably some element of guilt involved... if I spend all Saturday giddily plowing through several volumes of pablum, I feel as though I've actively wasted my time.  Plus, bad books are like television: seductive and brain-destroying.

Naturally, my choices do affect my mood, but not very often.  I might put down something like The Life and Times of Michael K. or A Stolen Life, heave a heavy sigh, and comment, "Well, that was depressing"... but usually I'm smiling and humming again ten minutes later.


  1. Mood doesn't really affect what I read either, except when I'm in a bad mood, I don't want to read at all!

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  2. I do tend to choose one kind over another if my mood needs elevating...or if I need distraction.

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  3. Mood doesn't influence my reading.


  4. I like variety too - I rarely read the same type of book too close together. I rarely read a single author more then once or twice a year. However I would say I'm still effected by mood.

    One day might see me in the mood for a crime, the other for something else - but it's always changing and I have to catch it whilst it comes.

    I wouldn't say mine is a conscious choice for variety, just that I tend to get bored of the same old thing over and over.

  5. I've never really noticed mood affecting my reading...
    Here’s my Booking Through Thursday post. :)