03 August 2012


I have posted little in the past few weeks, thanks to an extremely busy recent schedule.  In addition to my thesis and my job working with disabled kids for IDEA services, I am tutoring two classes of a first-year course, readying a paper on Shakespeare for publication, and teaching a few private students on the side.

Apparently I wasn't over-committed enough, though, because I have also entered a poster competition.  Although research posters are far more common in the sciences than in the humanities, the $600 prize is an excellent motivator.

I have a few drafts of posts in the hopper, when I find a free moment, and of course there are numerous books waiting for their reviews.

In site update news, while I'm really not much of a self-promoter, I have added a little tool to the bottom of each post.  It automatically suggests a few related posts that the reader might enjoy, which might help resurrect some of my older posts from the grave.  Enjoy!

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