04 January 2014

Dispensational Truth images

Devoted followers have scanned and made freely available the full text and images of Clarence Larkin's groundbreaking 1918 work of premillenial dispensationalist Christian theology, Dispensational Truth; or God's Purpose and Plan Throughout the Ages.  It was first brought to my attention by James Elkins' discussion of painting, What Painting Is, and I looked it up... and the images are amazing!

Click for large.

A history of the world that has been, and the world that will come, through Larkin's interpretation of the Bible (i.e. mostly the books of Genesis, Daniel, and Revelations):

 And there's a schematic of all of human history, which will last only seven thousand years.  Each thousand years is equivalent to one of the days of creation:

 This time of man is marked by seven eras of crisis:

Man must muck his way through as best he can, relying on his threefold nature:

 If you screw up, there's a whole lot of judgment waiting for you:

We're in the sixth thousand years of the world, so the Antichrist is loose on the planet.  He's about fourteen years old now, in fact:

 And to help us, there's Jesus and the saints, compared and shown here with sun, moon, and stars:

Watch out for that Great Throne Judgment - it's gonna get ya!

Truly a beautiful book!

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