Conquest Trigger Warnings

A trigger warning is a short description of events or emotions in a story that may cause unusual distress in some readers who have had traumatic experiences in their past.  They're useful for these readers, since they get to enjoy a story without worrying that they'll suddenly stumble into a vivid description of something that's very painful for them.

Unfortunately, from a literary standpoint a trigger warning can be problematic.  The elements of surprise and uncertainty are key tools.  Prior warning of future events makes it impossible to surprise the reader with those events.  To someone who needs a trigger warning, this is a feature, not a bug.  After all, the whole purpose of a warning is so they won't be surprised.  But to everyone else, trigger warnings can be spoilers -- just ruining the surprise.

With this said, then, heed my words:

Trigger warnings can spoil a story's excitement.  Your mental health is more important than enjoying a story slightly more, but I sincerely advise you not to read these trigger warnings for fun.  Read them only if you need them to protect yourself.  They are written in white text on a white background below; highlight the text to read the trigger warnings.

Arc 1
↵ - None.
001 - Bullying and mild physical trauma.
002 - None.
003 - Bullying and animal death.
004 - None.