Alexander is an English teacher.  He was born in Ohio, raised in Florida, and has lived all over the world.  Right now, he lives in Massachusetts with his wife Lizzie.  He likes to write about literature, travel, and politics.  He's especially interested in very good and very bad books, which each have their charms.  Alexander reads a lot, and he reviews many of the books he reads on this blog.  You can contact him at ad at anarchyishyperbole.com.

He focuses on the conversations that takes place between author and reader, prompted by reputation, context, and a text's progression.  He likes the Anglo-Saxon poets, Shakespeare, Confucius, Chaucer, Hemingway, Melville, Nabokov, Borges, and evangelical Christian fiction.

"Anarchy Is Hyperbole" is a nonsense phrase drawn from childhood.  The font used in the header image is a recreation of William Morris' "Chaucer" typeface, created for the Kelmscott Press.

Here are some of the things on this blog: